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A Little Note for Future Visitors

2015-08-28 13:19:35 by Mad-Mardigan

Hi, welcome to my kinda dead page. Just for a little background...

I first came to this website around 2000 after my babysitter showed me and then in 2005 when I was 15 I started making flash "animations." I have now stopped using Flash for years since I outgrew this place and Flash is pretty much not popular anymore. I still upload the occasional art piece every now and then.

My biggest accomplishment here was being in the bytesize player that launched with the 2007 redesign. I got tons of PMs of people telling me how it made them laugh. The bytesize player got taken off the front page and put here: But of course the site admin took mine out..... so I use adblock as leverage seeing this place is desperate for money :3

I myself can't watch my movies anymore seeing how embarrasing my teenage animation skills and humor were but hope you enjoy them. I still like reading over my reviews knowing people are still watching my work.

I have a youtube channel that I will hopefully add more to.... someday...



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2015-08-28 15:18:28

I guess I know how you feel, I made a movie on VHS that's likely utter crap, haven't seen it in over a decade. But the stuff I did after that, "The fuck? This ain't bad!"

Ah, who cares if Flash isn't popular; content is still content.