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A Little Note for Future Visitors

2015-08-28 13:19:35 by Mad-Mardigan

Hi, welcome to my kinda dead page. Just for a little background...

I first came to this website around 2000 after my babysitter showed me and then in 2005 when I was 15 I started making flash "animations." I have now stopped using Flash for years since I outgrew this place and Flash is pretty much not popular anymore. I still upload the occasional art piece every now and then.

My biggest accomplishment here was being in the bytesize player that launched with the 2007 redesign. I got tons of PMs of people telling me how it made them laugh. The bytesize player got taken off the front page and put here: But of course the site admin took mine out..... so I use adblock as leverage seeing this place is desperate for money :3

I myself can't watch my movies anymore seeing how embarrasing my teenage animation skills and humor were but hope you enjoy them. I still like reading over my reviews knowing people are still watching my work.

I have a youtube channel that I will hopefully add more to.... someday...


Update After 1 Year and 4 Months

2010-10-12 19:17:06 by Mad-Mardigan

I'm fairly positive no one remembers me but I'll update this cause I'm bored.

I haven't opened Flash since March but I have a lot of unfinished games and movies that need to be touched up on. I have one day off from college and work so I guess I'll dedicate that day to finishing them and sleeping till 1.
Community College still sux but at least I got my GPA up to a 3.3 from a 1.5 and hopefully this will be my last semester and move out since I can't stand it here anymore. But at least I have a flexible job that doesn't suck compared to the others I had.
Enjoy this song

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Coming Back

2008-07-10 23:47:14 by Mad-Mardigan

Since I'm not doing anything else over the summer, I have more time for Flash and I have something really good coming up but right now enjoy this .
And forget what I said in my last post. urgh...
Here's a video I made.

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Its out of sync, I know.

Party at Andy McDowels

2008-01-13 16:47:40 by Mad-Mardigan

New Movie

Anyways, a movie I actually put effort into will be out soon(a long time) and I also want to mention I hate school.

Thats it.

Party at Andy McDowels

Whats Next for Me

2007-10-08 13:43:43 by Mad-Mardigan

Its finaly done, I can't belive it myself. Go See it!

I don't know what to do next,
1) Make a sequel to one of my flashes (I have alot of Ideas for more jokes with all of my characters)

2) Make a NEW flash

3) Make a collaboration of low quality flashes( I made alot during GK)

If I chode do make another flash, it won't be for a while... I got School, Work, Training, and etc.
Or I could make another Bytesize.

Well Anyways...

Upcoming Cartoon

2007-07-18 14:08:53 by Mad-Mardigan

I know noboby reads these things, but I just wanna announce this...
Its called Goblin Keeper and I can already tell its gonna be my best flash yet! Me and my friend thought of it and its based off a janitor at our school.
Its about a big black janitor that was put on earth to destroy goblins that live in the vents of the school. I'm far from done and heres a pic of the title.

Upcoming Cartoon


2007-07-17 18:14:13 by Mad-Mardigan